Jimmy Kimmel releases another genius 'I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy' video

Nov 4, 2016 at 4:45 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel graced the world with another “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy,” a video series he has done annually for the past six years that features parents breaking the terrible (made-up) news to their kids that they've eaten all their Halloween candy. But because so many people sent in videos of themselves doing just that to their kids after the deadline, he and his producers decided to release a second edition of the hilarious (and kind of tragic) YouTube challenge since it just wouldn’t be right to let all those parents completely ruin their kids’ Halloween for nothing. Also, we need something to giggle about.

This version, the same length as the last, features the reaction of a bunch of tots who have just received the extremely unfortunate news that their parents scarfed down all of their Halloween candy. Their responses are varied, but they are all heartbreakingly cute. For example, there’s the little girl who initially expresses shock but demurely adds, “It’s OK,” prompting her sister to agree. “I don’t want any more candy,” the first sister adds, while her sister goes along with it, uttering the most unconvincing (but adorable) “no” we’ve ever heard.

Then there’s the girl who bursts into tears and cries, “Whyyy,” the way someone on a TV show might after they’ve heard the news that all of their dreams are dashed forever and that the world is ending in two days.

And don’t forget the little boy who simply bursts into tears, unceremoniously lets himself out of the house and goes running off down the street. He definitely might be our favorite.

The video is, in part, a promotion of Operation Gratitude, a charitable organization that encourages people to donate their leftover candy, which is then sent to troops and first responders. So, while Kimmel definitely doesn’t suggest that you donate all of your children’s candy without their knowledge (or, you know, eat it all), there is an option if your family is ready to part with all your hard-earned trick-or-treating spoils.