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Tell Us: What shows do you wish would just get canceled already?

Now that we’re in the middle of fall TV, we’ve had a chance to get a feel for what the latest lineup has to offer. The new shows have hopefully found their footing, and the old ones are getting us hooked for another season.


Or have they?

We’ve all been there, super excited about tuning into a new show only to discover it’s truly awful. You give it the three-episode test and it just keeps getting worse, leaving you wondering how it ever got picked up in the first place. Or maybe you’re tuning into your favorite old show only to find out it didn’t just jump the shark this season, it got Sharknadoed.


And while the networks may be canceling shows left and right this year, they’ve still let a lot of them drag on far too long. Just because the fan base might be loyal, doesn’t mean the show isn’t awful now.

So in a perfect world where you could cancel shows, what shows do you wish they’d just cancel already and why? Sound off in the comments below and your response might get included in a Community roundup post!

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