Married at First Sight's finale put us on edge over the couples' marriages

Nov 5, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. ET
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It's been several weeks since couples Tom and Lillian, and Nick and Sonia, decided to continue forward with their relationships rather than pursuing divorce on Married at First Sight. On the finale, both couples sit down with the relationship experts and reveal whether they've been able to maintain their relationship outside of the series.

Tom and Lillian are back to discuss what has happened since the finale. Lillian said that it was hard in the beginning and that marriage is not easy. Since the start of the show, they always seemed to have a physical connection, but she's discovering that she and Tom have different lifestyles. Still, they've remained married. The experts are obviously pleased that the two stayed together and felt that they were a great match together. What is really interesting here is that despite their differences, the two were able to work through their differences. For example, Tom seemed to enjoy living on the bus and Lillian did not. That’s OK. They figured it out. Lesson learned: Be able to negotiate differences.

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And, of course, there's the real roller coaster relationship of the show, Nick and Sonia. Sonia tells the experts of ups and downs they've experienced since the finale and that she continues to feel that Nick lacks emotion.Sonia says that she believes in marriage but she is not sure Nick has the same values toward the institution. When Nick sits down with the experts he says their relationship is “hit or miss some days.”The experts notice Nick does not have his wedding ring on and ask if the couple is still together. Nick says “yes.”

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Sonia joins Nick and the couple seem happy and are holding hands. It seems as if they were able to move past some of the issues that showed up earlier in the season.Sonia appears to be a really optimistic and positive person.I give her a lot of credit for continuing the journey even when she was hurt and upset.They appear to be working on communication and creating a positive relationship going forward.

Lesson learned: Communication is so important in a relationship. Don’t discount the power of words to be hurtful or helpful.

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