It looked like Farrah Abraham gave her daughter weight-loss tea and people lost it

Most of the time, when celebs make parenting choices that others disagree with (especially online) it’s just a matter of differing opinions.

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Sometimes, a celeb mom does something that’s just completely wrong, like Farrah Abraham reportedly giving her daughter weight-loss tea.

Abraham posted a photo to Instagram, showing herself holding a packet of the tea and 7-year-old Sophia drinking out of a mug.

“Teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham & I- after all that candy,” Abraham wrote in the caption.

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The former teen mom’s followers were quick to call her out.

“You don’t give your daughter a Ton of candy then make her take a laxative so she won’t get fat. Give me a break,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “If you actually give that shit to your kid you should be reported.”

A more gentle follower made the point that we’re all thinking: This could do some really serious damage to Sophia’s body image.

“Farrah be Careful with that flat tummy tea,” the commenter wrote. “I doubt Sophia understands anything much about it but she is getting messages about body acceptance from you FarRAHRAH I’m sure you’re not giving your 7 yr old daughter laxatives but she could develop an eating disorder from watching the behaviors of you, me any grown person who has an eating disorder.”

Abraham later denied that she gave the tea to Sophia.

“Sophia was drinking strawberry milk and I was getting ready to tee up my flat tummy tea,” she told People. “Sophia felt passionate about taking that picture and using her to-go mug. I’m personally bored with all the hate and have a wonderful, healthy life with my daughter.”

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