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Of course Beyoncé showed up to the CMAs and was more country than everyone

Like it or not, most of the chatter about the 2016 CMAs was not all about Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. No, this year’s show was all about Beyoncé.

Bey delighted audiences at home and in the concert hall with a powerful performance of her song “Daddy Lessons” with the Dixie Chicks. It was far from her usual flashy awards song and dance, but Beyoncé still showcased her innate talent — and proved that she can rock any stage, be it the CMAs or the VMAs.

We might even go so far as to say that Beyoncé was actually one of the most countrified performers at the show. Her understated performance hearkened back to the days of classic country music and was far from the watered-down country-pop that dominates airwaves nowadays.

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But would we expect anything less from her? There’s honestly nothing she can’t do, so it’s only natural she would rock the CMAs too.

Obviously, not everyone was jazzed to see a mainstream pop artist take on the CMAs.

But Queen Bey supporters outweighed haters by far.

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And if you blinked, you might have missed it, but nobody was digging Beyoncé’s performance more than a delighted Matthew McConaughey, who used his own chest as bongos.

As amazing as the Beyoncé/Dixie Chicks onstage collaboration was, the anticipatory tweets leading up to when the ladies took the stage were almost as entertaining as the actual performance. Almost.

Watch the full performance below in all its country glory.
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Or if you’re sick of hitting replay on the video over and over, Bey released the studio version of the song on Soundcloud late Sunday night, and you can download it:

Did you love or hate Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks’ CMA performance?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

bey and jay family slideshow

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