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Amy Duggar is sorry, not sorry for her sexy Halloween costume

Amy Duggar King may be a Duggar, but that doesn’t mean she’s following the family’s strict, conservative rules. And especially not on Halloween.

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Amy got scandalous this Halloween (by Duggar standards) by dressing up as Pretty Woman prostitute Vivian played by Julia Roberts, while her husband Dillon King took on the role of a suited Edward, originally played by Richard Gere.

Not only do the Duggars frown on any and all forms of prostitution, especially after the whole Josh Duggar mess, Amy’s costume also isn’t conservative at all, featuring thigh-high boots and midsection cutouts.
“I love this movie… #Prettywoman Confession: In this picture it looks like we had a wild/ crazy night here in Vegas. When in reality we were actually just heading to dinner, inside our hotel and then we crashed for the night. Lol #partyanimals”

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Amy has always been more liberal than her cousins. She wore a strapless dress at her wedding, whereas the Duggars typically always wear sleeves.

She always wears dresses above the knee…

… and she rocks a pair of short shorts.

She has also spoken out about the Duggars’ courting rules in the past, saying that they live in a “Duggar bubble” and “don’t live in reality.”

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Given that, it’s not surprising that Amy is comfortable going for a more scandalous look on Halloween, and more power to her. Everyone should feel the freedom to express themselves however they see fit.

Are you surprised Amy Duggar’s Halloween costume was so revealing?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Duggars dating slideshow
Image: TLC courtesy of Jim Bob Duggar

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