The Brown family may start censoring their lives more on Sister Wives

Nov 2, 2016 at 12:41 p.m. ET

Get ready for another crazy season of Sister Wives on TLC, where Meri Brown’s catfishing incident still seems to be a thorn in their sides. The show premieres on Sunday, Nov. 27 with an explosive two-hour episode with Meri, Kody and Mariah Brown still licking their wounds as a family.

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The new TLC trailer for Season 8 reveals that Mariah is not in a place of forgiveness with her mother. Kody wants her to forgive her mother and admits he somewhat blames himself for his wife’s transgression.

“I am not doubting that I was somewhat a catalyst,” he said to Mariah in the trailer.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that he admits to the cameras that his conversation with his daughter about the catfishing incident was “a mistake to be filmed.” Has the Brown family reached their threshold over what should and should not be filmed as a family?

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The Browns have been very open about their plural life and have shared their ups and downs with the public. Kody has said before that he wanted to quit the show after having an ugly on-air fight with his third wife, Christine. It took the family five years to get to that place since the show debuted in 2010.

Is this a turning point for the family? Will they keep some things private and out of their Sister Wives storyline? It might be the only way for the family to truly get over Meri’s betrayal.

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They’ve already been open about the experience. Do we need to witness every excruciating conversation about the pain the family is going through? Perhaps resolving this issue off camera and giving an update later is the best course of action for the Browns.

Viewers are going to see Meri and Kody continue to work out the issues in their 26-year marriage, but maybe it’s time to move it away from prying eyes. I am sure the TLC show provides them with a great source of income for their large family, but at a certain point, Kody may feel the need to say “enough” for the sake and sanity of his wives and children.

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