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Maybe Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston didn’t break up at all & they’re just fooling us

All’s been quiet on the Taylor Swift front recently and things have been looking up for the singer — she’s rekindled a friendship with ex, Calvin Harris, and is supposedly making music with Drake — so what better time than Halloweekend for conspiracists to stir up the cauldron of her love life?

According to Lainey Gossip, Swift may or may not have visited Tom Hiddleston in England this past weekend.

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Here’s what we know: 

  1. Swifties are the ultimate stalkers fans because they tracked her private plane Friday night as it flew from LA to New York to London, where she landed at Stansted Airport.
  2. Hiddleston supposedly wrapped up filming Thor 3 in Australia a few days ago, and was nowhere to be seen at the movie’s wrap party.
  3. Now, according to her plane-tracking fans, usually when Swift flies to London, she lands at Luton Airport, except this past summer when she landed at Stansted to visit Hiddleston and his family.


Is it a coincidence? Could there be a Hiddleswift reunion in our future now that he is done filming overseas?

According to E! News, Swift thought Hiddleston wanted the relationship to be “too public” for her liking, which seems a bit ironic considering she has publicly documented every relationship she’s had on her albums.

On the other hand, what if the pair pretended to break up to throw us off track and get the media off their back? It wouldn’t be the first time Swift tried to manipulate the press; Calvin Harris accused her of controlling the headlines after their breakup earlier this year as well.

So, maybe Swift and Hiddleston staged a breakup for the sake of their privacy. Plot twist!

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Thanks to Swift’s plane stalkers, we know she was spotted leaving England earlier Monday. Swift documented her Halloween in New York City celebrating with members of her #squad including Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Camila Cabello, Lily Donaldson and Kennedy Rayé.

Swift dressed up as Deadpool, who was played by her BFF Blake Lively’s husband Ryan Reynolds in the movie that came out earlier this year. Apparently, she got to wear the actual costume from the movie, and thanked Reynolds on Instagram for the hook-up.

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Must be nice to know people in showbiz around Halloween time!

As for a potential Hiddleswift reunion, we’ll be counting on her fans to track her whereabouts over the next few weeks to make sure we’re the first to know if Swift and Hiddleston cross paths again.

Do you think Taylor Swift should get back together with Tom Hiddleston? Let us know in the comments below!

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