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Barb was resurrected from the dead on Halloween in 13 glorious ways

Netflix is very aware of the love for Stranger Things‘ Barb, and they made sure that she got her fair share of Halloween love.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of Stranger Things! Do not continue reading unless you are prepared to re-live some of the best and most tragic moments from the show.

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The show released a trailer dedicated to the missing Barb. In a news report from Hawkins, Indiana — the setting from Stranger Things — reporter Brenda Wood recounts Barb’s harrowing disappearance.

“[She’s] the kind of girl who notices if you’re wearing a new bra and can really rock a pair of mom jeans. Or as we call them now, jeans,” Wood said describing the teen.

Fans also paid homage to Barb, who met her tragic end in the Upside Down, on Halloween with some rocking costumes.

1. Dead and alive Barb

2. Missing flyer Barb

3. Demogorgon and Barb

4. Puffer jacket Barb

5. Barb and Eleven

6. Kid Barb

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7. Group Barb

8. Marcella Barb

9. Really dead Barb

10. Flashing lights Barb

11. Candle Barb

12. Vampire Barb

JK! This is actress Shannon Purser who played Barb in her vampire Halloween costume last night.

All the hubbub around Barb just makes me wonder if she will somehow be incorporated into Season 2 of the show. After all, “stranger things” have happened in this series.

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Do you think Barb could be resurrected from the Upside Down dead in Season 2 of Stranger Things?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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