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New Samantha Bee theory: Donald Trump can’t read — and it totally makes sense

Forget Samantha Bee’s kind of disappointing Halloween interview with President Barack Obama. It was fine, but if you want to see how Bee is really crushing it in politics this week, check out her hilarious conspiracy theory that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump can’t read.

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“After seeing how easy and fun it is to take random scraps of evidence and spin them into ridiculous conspiracy theories, we decided to try it ourselves, because why the fuck not?” Bee began the new segment on her show, Full Fontal, called “People Are Saying.”

While our initial reaction may be to laugh this off as just another political burn on a late-night comedy news show, we have to admit: Bee has some compelling evidence. Sure, it’s easy to collect assorted clips of a person and manipulate an audience into seeing what you want them to see — in this case, that Donald Trump is illiterate. But it would just explain so much about him, you know?

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Like his weird loathing of teleprompters. What’s up with that? One of Trump’s earlier campaign promises was, for some reason, to ban the use of teleprompters for future candidates. Wouldn’t it just make sense that he hates them because he can’t read?

Among other evidence is a writer from Saturday Night Live, who dishes on one of Trump’s appearances on the show, and flat-out tells us that — you guessed it — the candidate literally could not read the script. Then there’s the fact that Donald Trump can’t name a single book he’s read in recent memory. And clips from his depositions that show him admitting he doesn’t read leases or business documents.

The evidence is adding up, people. Check out the full video and let us know what you think.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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