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Someone’s pregnant on Chicago Med‘s midseason finale, & we know who

Chicago Med is about to get even more exciting. The midseason finale will reveal that someone is pregnant. There’s already been one birth in Season 1 when Natalie was pregnant, so who could it be this time around? Well, the options are endless.

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While chatting with reporters at NBC’s Chicago One Day event in October, executive producer Andrew Schneider accidentally dropped a major spoiler. After revealing that there will be a time jump between Episodes 8 and 9 (mainly due to Thursday night football), he said, “It isn’t that we need to make that jump, but we do use the jump. For instance, [spoiler] is pregnant.”

Upon realizing he let that juicy detail slip, he said, “Don’t spoil it. … Don’t say she’s pregnant. You see, this is the thing, we are always juggling six episodes in our heads, what’s shooting, what’s prepping, what’s on the air, so we make terrible mistakes sometimes.”

The pregnancy will be revealed in Episode 8, but we aren’t going to be the ones to spoil who is pregnant. Though, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. There are actually quite a few options, so let’s discuss.

1. Natalie

Will and Natalie, Chicago Med
Image: Tumblr

Even though Natalie had a baby in Season 1, there’s always a chance she could be pregnant. It doesn’t seem likely that she would become pregnant again so soon, but Chicago Med certainly likes to surprise its viewers.

2. Nina

Nina and Will, Chicago Med
Image: Tumblr

Wouldn’t it be something if Nina is pregnant? It would certainly change things up for the Will-and-Natalie dynamic.

3. Maggie

Maggie Lockwood
Image: Tumblr

Maggie doesn’t seem to be seeing anyone at the moment, but it would definitely be shocking to learn she’s pregnant, wouldn’t it?

4. April

April Sexton
Image: Tumblr

April is the one character who continues to face big obstacles in her life. At the end of Season 1, she learned she has tuberculosis, so what if she is now pregnant? As Yaya DaCosta told reporters at the NBC event in October about Med‘s winter finale, “Bombs have been dropped, for sure. There are cliffhangers.” She even said about April, “She’s going through it.” Hmm… what could that mean?

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5. Sarah

Sarah Reese
Image: Tumblr

Sarah Reese has been having such an exciting career, maybe it’s time to spice up her life a bit? She and boyfriend Joey could certainly be expecting a little one.

6. Vicki

Dr. Vicki Glass
Image: Tumblr

If Dr. Ethan Choi is still seeing Dr. Vicki Glass, then maybe they are the couple who may soon be parents? Ethan seems to have his hands full with his parrot, but I’m sure he could handle a kid on top of it.

7. Robin

Robin Charles
Image: Tumblr

Seeing as Connor and Robin are going to be romantically involved, what if she gets pregnant? It seems unlikely, especially based on what Colin Donnell told reporters at One Chicago Day. “It’s definitely a slow burn,” Donnell said about their romance. “We’re not jumping into bed together straight away, which is lovely, I think. It doesn’t necessarily rub Dr. Charles the right way. There’s a bit of a history and certainly Connor has his own screwed-up family history. Couple that with Dr. Charles’ personal issues and the way he hasn’t exactly been there for his daughter, as well, so two potential tornadoes hitting one another.”

It will definitely be interesting to see how viewers react to the pregnancy and to see how the show handles it moving forward.

Chicago Med airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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