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You can blame Voight for Antonio’s Chicago P.D. exit

It will be a sad day when Episode 8 of Chicago P.D. Season 4 rolls around, because that means Antonio (Jon Seda) will officially head on over to Chicago Justice. It was announced in September by Deadline that Seda would transition to the latest Chicago series from Dick Wolf, and as unfortunate as that is, at least he’s not leaving the franchise permanently.

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During NBC’s Chicago One Day event, Jason Beghe (Voight) dished about his close friend’s exit from P.D., and it was definitely hard for the actor to see Seda depart. “It’s a heartbreak,” Beghe told reporters. “For me personally, it’s a heartbreak.… It’s an honor for Antonio. It’s an honor for Jon.… It’s probably going to be good for the audiences. But for Jason and for P.D., it’s not good.”

Beghe even noted how much he loved working with Seda, “There’s not an actor I’d rather do a scene with.” Of course, they will still continue working side by side thanks to all of the crossovers, but it will no longer be on a daily basis.

So, how exactly will Antonio make his exit? As previously reported by Deadline, “It was a creative decision based on the natural trajectory of the character who had been hitting a wall on his Intelligence beat and, as a single father, had been looking for a more stable, steady job.”

Antonio and Voight
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Beghe also touched upon Antonio’s exit and according to him, it’s actually Voight who suggests Antonio leave. That’s definitely shocking to hear, but as Beghe explained, “It’s Voight [who] suggests that he goes and Antonio’s like, ‘Do you have a problem with me? You know, I heard that you gave the OK.’ [Voight] says, ‘I didn’t give the OK, I suggested you.’ That’s a line. Because it’s good for Antonio. It’s not good for Voight. I think [another] line goes something like, ‘I had one good boss when I was coming up; he said never hold back a rising star. It’s time for you to have your own crew.’ So that’s good for Chicago, it’s good for Antonio.”

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Voight isn’t one to hold back anyone when it comes to something they want to do, especially if it’s good for that person. So, as surprising as it is, it does make sense that Voight would suggest Antonio.

As previously reported, P.D.‘s executive producer Matt Olmstead dished to reporters at the NBC event that Antonio’s spot will be filled by none other than Burgess. “That’s one of the things we’re dealing with in the fall finale,” Olmstead said. “In [Episode] 8, the fall finale, we have this kind of double move where Antonio’s going to Justice, there’s a spot open, and that’s when Voight basically says, ‘Welcome aboard.’ So, she is going to be moving up to Intelligence.”

If you were to ask Beghe about filling Antonio’s spot, he feels that no one will ever be able to replace him fully. “You never fill that spot,” he admitted. “To me, I thought they ought to take his jacket and hang it on the wall.… He’ll never be replaced, but casting isn’t my gig.” Fans probably agree with him, but there’s no doubt Burgess deserves the promotion and will do a fantastic job. It will just be an adjustment without Antonio on Voight’s team and seeing him on P.D. every week.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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