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Chicago Fire spoilers: Get ready for all kinds of Dawson & Casey twists

When it comes to any 100th episode TV celebration, there are bound to be some major twists and turns. That definitely seems to be the case for Chicago Fire‘s 100th episode, as the cast and executive producers teased at NBC’s One Chicago Day.

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Mainly, there seems to be a lot in store for Dawson and Casey. As for what’s ahead for the beloved couple, it will be both good and bad. First, the good. Dawsey fans have patiently been waiting for these two to finally tie the knot, but will they actually get married in the 100th? Per Monica Raymund (Dawson), they certainly are headed in the right direction.

“It would be nice,” she said about whether the two will get married soon. “I don’t want to spoil it, because I can’t say yes or no, but I can say we do see them make a commitment to each other.” That’s better than nothing, right? If you ask executive producer Michael Brandt, he’ll echo Raymund’s sentiments. “Casey and Dawson make a big move in their relationship, something we’ve been talking about for five years actually,” Brandt said about what Dawsey fans can expect in the 100th. That sure sounds like a wedding, but viewers will have to wait to see.

Now, for the not-so-good news, which has to do with Dawson and Casey’s foster son, Louie. Basically, break out the tissues, because as Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella) dished, it “is just heart-wrenching to watch.” Are you ready? Louie’s biological father comes back into the picture.

Dawsey and Louie
Image: Tumblr

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“Yes, Louie’s dad shows up and he kind of gives us a run for our money,” Raymund revealed. “He does end up being the actual biological father. We have him tested. So, Casey and Dawson decide to sit down with him and he actually doesn’t show up. We don’t really know what’s going to happen yet. At this point, I think we might go to court over it and let the legal system handle it. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, to be honest, I haven’t read that far.”

That will be hard to watch, but it seems like other elements of the 100th may help ease the potential heartache. For example, there is a big Molly’s storyline.

“There’s definitely an acknowledgement to the 100th episode, because Molly’s finds out it’s having its 100th anniversary as a bar,” Brandt said. “Of course, that doesn’t turn out well. They think it’s going to be a great idea and then this reporter digs up this not-so-nice history of Molly’s. There’s some violence and some gangster activity and, like, dead bodies piled up in front of it in these photos. They find old photos, so of course that turns out bad for Herrmann and everybody at Molly’s, but it’s funny.”

Overall, Dawsey fans better brace themselves for the 100th episode, which airs Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 10/9c on NBC.

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