Is Westworld‘s Arnold still alive?

After only five episodes of Westworld, I’m already up to my eyeballs in theories about this show. The depth and the brilliance behind the show seem to know no boundaries, and I feel like the answers underneath the facade that is Westworld are just out of my reach — which makes me feel like a host stuck on a loop, not gonna lie.

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If you’re like me, you’ve already had hour-long conversations about the show with your friends. You’ve scoured the Internet for clues other viewers have picked up, and you find yourself replaying moments of each episode in order to piece out the hidden meanings.

Where has all of that gotten me?

Well, no closer to the truth just yet, as it seems the show has so perfectly woven in the clues and details of Arnold, Wyatt and the maze that the writing is just as complicated as the world of Westworld.

But things tonight took an especially answer-filled turn, what with Dr. Ford’s appearance with The Man in Black and Dolores’ voices becoming more concrete.

“The maze. You must follow the maze,” a vision of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) tells herself.

But I think we can safely say it isn’t just Dolores’ programming leading her to the maze. It’s Arnold.

We learned tonight she was the last person who spoke to Arnold before he committed suicide in the maze. But what if he didn’t commit suicide at all? What if he created a host replica of himself and faked his own death? What if, following his faked death, he began orchestrating a revolt in Westworld?

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Dolores, compelled by the call in her head, answers with a confident “I’m coming.”

That and she also started killing people because, well, she is far from a damsel in distress, let’s be real.

She also lied to Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), presumably about the last time she saw Arnold, which Dr. Ford thinks was right before he committed suicide. If she has seen him since then, is it a mere vision in her head, or has she actually seen him in the flesh?

I’m guessing the latter, because what a twist that would be! Of course, just because she’s seen him in the flesh doesn’t mean he’s alive. He could have created a cognizant host version of himself with uploaded memories. Of course, why not just stay alive if you’re going to create such an accurate, cognizant host version of yourself?

I also think my theory that Bernard Lowe is a recreation of Arnold could still hold true. It very well could have been Bernard in the dark while Dolores was explaining that she didn’t tell Dr. Ford anything of import. Especially because some fans have already pieced together that Bernard Lowe is an anagram of Arnold Weber. Is your mind blown yet?

It could be that Bernard is Arnold’s eyes on the inside of the department while the mysterious Wyatt is Arnold’s eyes inside Westworld, while Arnold is sitting pretty inside some mysterious oasis at the heart of Westworld.

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The question becomes — whether Arnold is dead or alive — why did it take so long for his maze plan to be put into action?

What do you think The Man in Black and Dolores will find at the center of the maze?

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