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OUAT’s Evil Queen and Rumple make one fantastically devilish duo

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Two of Once Upon a Time‘s evilest, most cunning characters are joining forces — for now, at least. By the end of tonight’s episode, the Evil Queen (or “Queenie,” as Regina likes to call her) and Rumple were working together.

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Firstly, the Evil Queen handed over the shears of destiny to Rumple. Yes, those same shears Jafar gave to Aladdin, who then handed them over to Emma, who then gave them to Hook to get rid of so she wasn’t tempted to use them on herself and sever her ties as the savior once and for all.

As you probably recall, Hook didn’t dispose of the shears, like he told Emma he did, but instead hung on to them. He just couldn’t stand the thought of losing Emma, if that truly is her fate as the savior. Of course, the Evil Queen figured it out and even revealed Hook’s lies to Henry. To make a long story short, Henry and Hook did bury the shears in a treasure chest thousands of leagues under water. Yes, Hook did own up to Emma about his lie, but all is thankfully good between them.

However, the Evil Queen had some friends in low places (she happened to have a few underwater creatures who owe her a favor) and she managed to get hold of the shears. But, rather than keeping them for herself, she handed them over to Rumple. Apparently, the shears can be used on everyone, not just saviors, like Belle and her unborn son.

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Evil Queen & Rumple
Image: Tumblr

Once again, it seems Rumple is trying to twist his fate and force things to work between him and Belle. When he is going to stop repeating the same mistakes and understand he can’t force Belle into something she doesn’t want? That’s not who she is, and no one should ever be forced to do something they don’t want to do. Moving on.

Who knows if his plan will work, but now that he possesses the shears, Rumple will surely at least try something. Why did Regina just hand over the shears willingly? Well, because Rumple (aka her mentor, when he was the Dark One in the Enchanted Forest) once told her, “Know what you want and go after it with everything you have.” The first thing she wants is Rumple, so she kissed him (and just when it seemed like Belle may want to make amends with Rumple). The second thing Regina wants is for Rumple to help her get Snow White’s heart once and for all.

It’s unclear if Rumple will truly help the Evil Queen, but seeing as she did give him the shears, he may be feeling kind. There’s a good chance he’ll do whatever is best for him and take the shears and run. Now that he has them, does he really need to help the Evil Queen?

You never know what these two are thinking or what their true agendas are, but one thing remains certain: they make one fantastic duo. It’s like the good old days of the Evil Queen and the Dark One are resurfacing. What’s better than seeing two of the original OUAT villains partnering up? They could cause some serious damage and heartache throughout Storybrooke, so fans better get ready for what’s ahead from Rumple and the Evil Queen.

As a final note, did anyone else notice that Rumple has now kissed Zelena, Cora and the Evil Queen (who is essentially a part of Regina)? It’s definitely a bit creepy, but he clearly can’t sever ties with this family.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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