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If Inferno bombs at the box office, Tom Hanks says it’s Felicity Jones’ fault

This weekend, you’ll be able to watch Tom Hanks reprise his role as Robert Langdon in the next chapter of The Da Vinci Code franchise, Inferno. And ahead of the film’s opening weekend, SheKnows caught up with Hanks and his co-star, Felicity Jones (who stars as the badass, Sienna Brooks).

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Firstly, we wanted to congratulate Hanks on another successful film, but he insisted that we wait and see what happens. And if the film’s not a hit, well then, according to Hanks, that can be blamed on Jones.

“Let’s see what happens. We view this as the ‘Felicity Jones Inferno‘ and we’re riding on her, and if it doesn’t work, we can put it right in her lap,” Hanks joked.

First, Tom Hanks was kidding. He would never put all the pressure on just one person! But second, if it’s left to Felicity Jones, the film won’t be a flop. She has a history of making successful films and, as we all remember, was nominated for her moving portrayal of Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything. She knows how to play a smart, strong character and we have no doubt she’ll keep up with the powerhouse that is Tom Hanks.

Speaking of powerhouse, Jones’ stardom is going to get an even greater surge with her upcoming film Rogue One. Sure, she’s made a name for herself already, but the fame the Star Wars franchise offers is a whole other story – that cult-following is no joke. While recently visiting Jimmy Kimmel to promote Inferno, Kimmel asked if she was ready to “be surrounded be a heard of nerd” for the rest of her life – in short, she said yes.

“I feel like I’m slowly joining the community,” Jones told Kimmel. “Recently we were sent a box of toy laser guns which I have to say is the most fun ever. They’re amazing… I’m joining the nerd community. I’m with them!”

So she’s smart, super talented and a nerd. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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Make sure to check out Felicity Jones in Inferno hitting theaters today!

Are you looking forward to watching Hanks and Jones in Inferno this weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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