Nick and Sonia make their final decision on Married at First Sight

This week, both couples meet with friends to discuss where they are at in their relationships, but it’s Nick and Sonia I want to focus on. Nick’s friends seem to be questioning his relationship as Nick discusses the changes he is trying to make to improve things with Sonia.Sonia is also at dinner with her friends and describes the relationship as a “roller coaster.”She tells them that “he is trying but he can do more.”A friend asks if she has feelings for Nick and her answer is “I do not know.”Her friends do not appear to think the union will work.

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The evening before the final decision, Nick and Sonia getting along well and talking about the relationship.The two are sharing gifts with each other which appear thoughtful and heartfelt. They’re laughing a lot, which is promising.Nick tells the camera that he likes the direction they are going in.

Finally, decision day. Sonia says that they’ve overcome things and is able to forgive.Nick says that he wants to stay married.Sonia says she still doesn’t quite trust Nick, but decides to stay married, too.I am a bit surprised as I thought Sonia might have chosen divorce. But she appears to be an optimistic and positive person.She sees the good in people and I think while she may have doubted Nick’s hurtful language in episodes before, she chose to forgive him.

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Hopefully the two can continue to grow into a healthy relationship and they will be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings.Nick appeared to be making more effort to connect and I hope this continues.

Next week is the reunion episode and we’ll get to see if the couple stayed together after that final scene.

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