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Carrie Underwood is the ultimate gym rat

Need a little inspiration to hit the gym now that the days are getting shorter and colder? Let Carrie Underwood be your #FitnessGoals.

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In a new interview with People magazine, Underwood explained how she’s managed to get in the best shape of her life while on tour and raising her 20-month-old son, Isaiah.

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“When we are on the road, my day is me doing a show, me being a mom — and those worlds colliding,” Underwood said. “My shows are intense physically, and I’m running around all over the place and singing at the same time: I need to be able to do that; I need to feel like, ‘I got this,'”

Underwood has some pretty constant motivation. Her son travels with her on tour, and she has to be able to keep up with him.

“He’s getting faster and bigger,” she said. “He’s running and climbing and jumping off stuff at me!”

And Underwood’s Instagram reveals the tricks she uses to get her workouts in, even when she’s busy or stuck on a tour bus all day. One of her favorite tricks for a quick on-the-road workout? Mini gym equipment, like her under-desk stationary bike.

She also revealed to People that she brings her trainer and a mobile gym in a trailer with her on tour.

“We usually work out for 1.5 to two hours a day,” Underwood said.

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