Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney may still be writing their American love story

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney seemed like they were the perfect couple. His straightlaced, clean-cut image was the ideal complement to Gaga’s artsy demeanor, and the two just always seemed so dang happy with each other — which is why we were so heartbroken when they ended their five-year relationship back in July of this year.

But fret not, Gaga/Kinney ‘shippers. Apparently, there still might be hope for a reunion on the horizon.

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“Gaga and Taylor are talking every day about giving it a second chance,” a source recently told Life & Style magazine. “He has missed Gaga terribly. He wants to make things work… They both feel like their love is worth it.”

Though some rumors state distance was a huge factor in Lady Gaga and Kinney’s breakup, the Life & Style source says Kinney actually broke things off because he felt suffocated by Gaga — and the two still have a long way to go working out issues before their relationship will be solid.

We find the fact Kinney felt Gaga was smothering him pretty funny, considering she posted a video seven months back in which he is literally clinging to her like a howler monkey.

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Even so, apparently Gaga is willing to work on her issues if it means preserving Kinney’s love.

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“Gaga told Taylor that she knows that she has trust issues and she admits she needs to give him his space,” the source said. “Gaga would constantly call Taylor on the set of Chicago Fire, and even made friends with crew members so she could basically spy on him. He got fed up… She told Taylor that she’s making sure she’s 100 percent ready to be in a mature, loving relationship without the jealousy and control issues.”

Do you think there’s a second chance for Lady Gaga and Kinney?

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