Wait. What? Survivor‘s Hannah Shapiro fears death while sitting out of challenge

It was unlike anything we’ve ever seen on Survivor. Sure, there have been medical emergencies, but nothing quite like this.

While she was sitting out of the Reward challenge, Hannah whispered to Bret that she was feeling faint. “I can’t feel my hands,” she declared moments later. “I can’t tell if I’m panicking or dehydrated. My arms are cramping up.” Then, panic truly set in. Once the challenge came to a close, the medical team stepped in to evaluate Hannah’s health. “You’re not going to let me die?” she asked Dr. Joe. He reassured her that everything would be fine and determined she was essentially having an anxiety attack.

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After a few deep breaths, Hannah seemed to be on the upswing. Once back on her feet at camp, she opened up about her personal anxiety struggles. “I can’t help that I’m a person that has anxiety. Of course it’s embarrassing you’re just like collapsing and you’re not even in the challenge. There were game thoughts of I can’t seem weak. That’s the worst part. I can’t seem this weak in front of my tribe. My brain is just so exhausted. There’s not a moment where you just get to breathe out and take five minutes from Survivor to take a breath. Now I have to keep going. Perception is reality, and I have to keep saying I’m good so that people know that I’m good.”

Hannah Shapiro on Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X
Image: CBS

It was refreshing to hear her story. Not every medical emergency is life-threatening, but anxiety can be crippling. I feel for Hannah. It takes a lot of personal strength to take on Survivor, and it must be even tougher while prone to anxiety attacks. I’m happy she quickly beat her attack and returned to the game with her head held high.

The Twitterverse wasn’t as kind to her.

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Figtails love

The cuddly bond between Figgy and Taylor was getting more intense. The inseparable duo spent their time smooching in the shelter instead of waking up and realizing they’re in the middle of a strategic competition. Hilariously, they didn’t seem to think Jessica nor Ken were aware of their love affair, so Figgy made sure to tell them. But everybody already knew what was really going on. Their touchy, feely flirtation was obvious to everybody.

Figgy and Taylor Stocker on Millennials tribe during Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X
Image: CBS

When their tribe lost the latest Immunity challenge, Figgy and Taylor felt like everything was locked up. With Adam on their side, it would be a 3-2 vote in favor of the Millennials. Their intended target, Ken, wasn’t so willing to lay down and die. He approached Adam and made a strong argument for him to flip on Figtails — and it worked. Despite Taylor threatening revenge if Adam flipped on the Millennials, that’s exactly what happened as Figgy was blindsided in an amazing elimination. It was fantastic. Now Taylor has to finally dig his toes in the sand to play the game. It’s about time, too, because watching their budding romance was not even close to entertaining. If I want to watch people think they’re falling in love, I will tune in for The Bachelor.

Figgy on Millennials tribe during Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X
Image: CBS

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