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Filing for divorce apparently doesn’t mean Scottie & Larsa Pippen are over

Is it just me or does it seem like celebrities are filing for divorce quite a bit lately… and not really meaning it?

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Dennis and Kimberly Quaid. Patrick and Jill Dempsey. They’ve all filed for divorce and then ended up reconciling. And now, apparently Scottie and Larsa Pippen are on the same path.

Scottie Pippen, a former NBA player, filed for divorce from his Real Housewives of Miami star wife last week. But now, reports are conflicting about whether he ever had any real plans to go through with it.

The Huffington Post spoke with Larsa’s rep, who was pretty sure the couple is headed toward reconciling.

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“The tension between [Scottie and Larsa] started months ago during the playoffs when Scottie brought another woman to a playoff game. Scottie has been married to Larsa for almost two decades and has had no problems with her social media,” the rep said. “He’s sending her messages. They’re communicating. I don’t think they’re going to pull the trigger. He was saying, ‘I miss you. Let’s talk.'”

If it’s true that Scottie never actually meant to get divorced, then why even file and claim your marriage is “irretrievably broken?” He also filed for sole custody of all four of their children, which seems like it would just add insult to injury if he never actually planned to go through with the divorce.

And can we say… getting the kids involved? Yikes. There has to be a better way to settle an argument than to put the whole family through something like this. Maybe, I don’t know, adulting and talking through things?

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