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The FBI’s still pushing to bring assault charges against Brad Pitt

Despite some reports saying otherwise, it looks like Brad Pitt’s fight against child abuse allegations may not be over.

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Now, a source is opening up about the four-hour interview his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, had with FBI officials after the alleged incident in which sources say Pitt got drunk on the family’s private plane and got into an altercation with his oldest son, Maddox.

“The agents wanted a breakdown of everything that happened from when the plane took off to when it landed,” the insider said. “They’re looking into charges of assault.”

Another source added that Jolie fully cooperated during the interview. She filed for divorce from Pitt just days after the incident was said to have taken place.

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According to Us Weekly, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is also still investigating Pitt. While the investigations are ongoing, the temporary parenting plan that has allowed Jolie to have custody of their six kids so far has been extended and remains in place. Reports say the kids have been having supervised visits with Pitt and a therapist.

Pitt has been holding off on filing a legal response to Jolie’s divorce petition because, sources say, they want to keep their battle out of the courts for now.

“Neither side wants this to go to court because everything the FBI and DCFS investigated will potentially be made available to the public, which would be bad for the entire family,” an insider explained.

That source also said that the FBI has interviewed members of the crew that was onboard the flights, and it could be months before the investigation wraps up and prosecutors decide whether they want to bring charges against Pitt.

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