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We officially think Ben and Lauren is staged

We loved seeing Emily and Haley Ferguson on Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? We even loved seeing Grant Kemp and Lace Morris return. But Chad Johnson was one Bachelor Nation contestant too much.

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The franchise is really milking Johnson’s character for all he’s worth, and he’s clearly hamming up his bad boy image for the cameras, and we’re over it.

Even worse, it undercuts Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s new show, making us question just how much of what we’re seeing is only for the sake of the drama and headlines.

Bushnell and Higgins have come out as of late and even admitted that the reality show takes some liberties with their relationship. There have even been suggestions that the two are too boring for television and the clever editing is an attempt to spice up the conflict. These suggestions might be absolutely correct, especially after seeing Johnson show up tonight.

“If there’s one person I wish didn’t exist, it was him,” Morris declared right as Johnson showed up. Hmm, what perfect timing he has. How convenient.

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More like, how pre-planned.

Look, we’re OK with the show staging certain situations. We get it. Plus, bringing back Bachelor Nation favorites for the show makes it way more interesting and fun to watch. But we probably all could have done without Chad Johnson and his Chad-ness. It was all sorts of wrong and not because he’s a jerk. It felt fake and forced, and there’s enough fake and forced reality TV out there that if we’re going to add another show to my list, it better at least feel genuine.

No one could ever believe this Chad-ism was genuine: “If I really sat down and thought about my actions, which I don’t ever do, I would probably feel pretty bad.”‘

Apology? Not even close.

Good TV? We’ll let you be the judge.

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Now we’re questioning the first two episodes of the show. Is Bushnell really that insecure or is the show just hyping it up? Is Higgins really as uncertain about their wedding plans as he seems or was it all just to add suspense?

Do you think Ben and Lauren‘s staged situations feel too forced or are you still loving the show?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

ben higgins slideshow
Image: Rick Rowell/ABC

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