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The Voice‘s duo curse continues with Whitney & Shannon’s elimination

It’s no secret that duos struggle on The Voice. The Swon Brothers were a notable exception, but otherwise, several remarkable duos have been dropped from the competition far too early. This unfortunate trend occurred during tonight’s Knockouts, when the talented duo Whitney & Shannon were passed over by Alicia Keys — and not stolen by any of the other coaches.

Whitney & Shannon
Image: NBC

I was definitely disappointed in Keys, but I know that it was a tough choice. She saw a lot of potential in Whitney & Shannon’s competitor, Kylie Rothfield, who, frankly, is the only musician of her kind this season. But should category trump talent? And if it does, what about giving Whitney & Shannon a little credit for working so well as a team?

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Keys did speak highly of the sisters — and it was clear that she agonized over this decision. However, her praise and difficulty in choosing were little consolation for Whitney & Shannon when they learned that, like so many duos before, they would be going home without experiencing the joy of performing in the live shows.

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I’m all in favor of duos on The Voice, and I think that in most cases, they don’t receive the credit they deserve. But my opinion is fairly controversial. A lot of viewers seem to think that the show’s duos are hugely overrated, and that they actually have an unfair advantage over other competitors. Maybe, but I think their unfortunate track record on the show indicates otherwise. At any rate, I find duos refreshing. I like seeing the dynamic between the artists (especially when they’re siblings), and after so many seasons, anything different on The Voice is good in my book.

Whitney & Shannon
Image: NBC

I hope that Whitney & Shannon continue to make music together. It would be unfortunate if this unfair elimination kept them from achieving the musical success they deserve. I also hope that their elimination does not deter other duos from attempting to gain musical glory on The Voice. As far as I’m concerned, the more, the merrier!

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Were you disappointed to see Whitney & Shannon sent home tonight on The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

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