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It’s like Tara Reid can’t step out in public without getting skinny-shamed

How long has Tara Reid been famous? According to IMDb, her first major role was in The Big Lebowski in 1998. That was almost 20 years ago, fam. She’s been famous for almost two decades. And guess what? She’s been thin that entire time.

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So why is it that Reid is like an international lightning rod for skinny-shaming? It’s like the girl can’t even go out in public without people telling her to eat more, go to rehab, get off drugs, etc., etc., etc. And you know something? She’s still healthy, she’s still a happy mom and wife, and she’s still thin. Time for you all to get over it, internet.

The latest incident comes after Reid dressed up in a skimpy Greek goddess costume at Maxim‘s Halloween party. It was like she was wearing a giant middle finger to all her haters, because that costume showed off every slender inch of her. Naturally, the trolls came running.

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Reid has spent years addressing eating disorder and drug use rumors because of her small frame. She’s clearly reached a pretty Zen state of not giving a fuck, because she posted a photo and a video of herself in the costume on her Instagram, where the trolls, of course, went at it.

“U look sick. Please get some help and start feeling better about life. :(” one commenter wrote. Another added, “beautiful, please eat food to look healthy.”

Who gave these trolls the right to decide what’s right for Reid, a perfect stranger? News flash, you guys: Some people are naturally thin. You don’t have any more right to shame them than you do to shame someone who’s overweight.

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