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Details of Amber Portwood & Farrah Abraham’s physical fight are crazy

Not everyone is a fan of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood’s new fiancé, Matt Baier — least of all, Farrah Abraham. And the two women reportedly got into a physical fight about Abraham’s opinion of Baier during the Teen Mom OG reunion on Saturday, Oct. 22, Us Weekly reports.

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The incident reportedly occurred when Abraham was having a conversation with Dr. Drew Pinsky as part of the reunion show. The Real Mr. Housewife shed more light on what happened thanks to an insider (who was reportedly in the audience at the time) who shared that Abraham was taping her segment when her boyfriend, Simon Saran’s “comments about other cast members came up.”

“When Dr. Drew mentioned Simon had called Matt a pedophile, it seemed like he was heading in the direction of an apology, claiming it was all in fun,” the insider explained. “However, Farrah piped in and said well he does kind of look like a pedophile.”

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According to the insider, it was at this point that things started to turn very nasty, very fast. Portwood reportedly stormed onto the stage and confronted Abraham, and the two women got into a heated argument, which is when Abraham’s father, Michael, got between them and was reportedly “yelling at Amber and calling her a bitch.”

Then in came Baier, who reportedly got between Portwood and Michael. “Suddenly, things took a physical turn,” the insider revealed. “All that could be seen was that Michael seemed to put his hand on Matt’s [throat] and Michael went flying into the audience and Farrah was yelling at Amber to punch her. Amber tried and just missed hitting Farrah.”

According to the publication, they reached out for comment, and the Abrahams claimed that Michael was just trying to defend himself.

I mean, we know Teen Mom is filled with drama, but this just seems like it’s a whole new level of crazy. The Teen Mom OG stars have come so far with their lives, and they’re all strong, talented women who have managed to beat the odds and make something of themselves. But when we hear reports like this, we’re left saddened that instead of uplifting and supporting each other, these women are still getting involved in bitter confrontations.

Saran also weighed in on the feud with a very harsh Twitter message.

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As for Portwood, she has retweeted several messages of support from her fans, including a tweet that referred to Abraham and Saran as “trash.”

She also told fans that everything Saran says is false — and he appears to have been making a lot of allegations on Twitter.

Are you disappointed in the Teen Mom OG stars for getting into a heated altercation once again? Share your thoughts below.

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