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OUAT‘s Hook & Emma really need to stop lying to each other

First David lied to Snow, and now Hook lies to Emma. What is wrong with these couples on Once Upon a Time? Of course there are going to be lies and secrets, because this is a TV show we’re talking about. However, secrets tear people apart, and who wants to see either of these beloved OUAT romances break up? I certainly don’t.

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Tonight’s episode featured not only Jasmine and Aladdin’s story, finally, but also a way that just might save Emma from what appears to be a tragic future. Based on what the oracle showed Emma, it seems like her destiny includes death. Guess what? Jafar also showed Aladdin (who is a savior like Emma) the same thing with his oracle bird.

That said, Jafar did give Aladdin a way out of his potential death. Thanks to the Three Fates, there is a pair of shears that are apparently a way for a savior to change their future. A savior can choose to use the shears by severing ties with their destiny. If the shears are used, that person will no longer be the savior, but they will supposedly live a prosperous and happy life.

All of this seems too good to be true because magic always comes with a price, right? That’s probably one of the reasons Emma chose not to use the shears. After meeting up with Jasmine, Emma, Regina, Hook, and Henry partnered up with her to find Aladdin. He’s been missing, but Regina created a potion that tied him to Emma, another savior, in hopes that it would lead them to him.

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Captain Swan
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Eventually, they wound up at a crypt, and Jasmine immediately thought Aladdin was indeed dead. However, he isn’t. He is very much alive because he chose to use the shears given to him by Jafar. He then handed Emma the shears, but she’d rather find another way to save herself because she is the savior and she doesn’t want to give up just yet. She is willing to pay whatever price comes with the magic she was gifted — though let’s hope that doesn’t mean her death.

So, Hook took the shears and told Emma that he buried them “thousands of leagues under the sea.” Did he, though? No, he did not. That’s right: Like Emma kept her future a secret from Hook, he is now keeping this secret from her. Like Snow told Emma, you can’t build a life with someone if you keep secrets. Well, that’s not happening with either Captain Swan or Snow and David.

They all need to stop lying to each other. I’m sure Hook is thinking the shears will save his one true love from death, but all of this could end up doing more harm than good. And what will happen when Emma finds out Hook lied to her and that he still has the shears? Lies tear couples apart, they don’t bring them together.

Here’s hoping all of this gets sorted out because I can’t handle an unhappy ending for Emma and Hook.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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