Tom Hanks' hosting episode has viewers crying foul on Saturday Night Live

Oct 23, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. ET

Did you catch Saturday Night Live this week? The crazy combo of Tom Hanks' ninth time hosting and Lady Gaga as the musical guest had even the most jaded of former SNL fans tuning in. And while many were delighted by the episode, others were not so stoked about Hanks and what they saw in this weekend's installment.

But before we jump into that... can we talk about Gaga for a moment? Her emotional ballad "Million Reasons" showcased her amazing voice, and her piano playing put her intrinsic musical talent on full display.

And don't forget her performance of "A-Yo." Did Gaga just go country?

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Now, on to Hanks.

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Alec Baldwin was back for a third time to reprise his role as Donald Trump at the final presidential debate, and — sorry, not sorry — his mimicry of The Donald is still as hilarious the third time around as it was the first. Hanks participated in the debate sketch with his dead-on impersonation of Chris Wallace, but it was his hillbilly-esque parody of Trump supporters during the "Black Jeopardy" sketch that rubbed some people the wrong way.


Many felt the big take-away from the skit was that working-class people of color and working-class white people have a lot in common, but others were put off by Hanks' liberal political leanings.


On the flip side, some viewers felt that Hanks and SNL's handling of Trump on this week's episode was too apologetic and thought they were backing down after Trump called out Baldwin and the media after last week's performance.


But, though some feelings were hurt by the skit, it seemed like there were 10 people who loved it for every one who hated it.


To be honest, regardless of his politics, to us, Hanks will always be a national treasure.

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What did you think about Tom Hanks' ninth time hosting SNL?

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