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Here’s a wake-up call for all who think the U.S. has an immigration problem

America Divided took on the immigration problem in the United States tonight — or, rather, the lack of an immigration problem.

The most staggering statistic from the show tonight: Violent crime among undocumented immigrants is actually lower than in the general population.

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So what does that mean?

To me, it means that there is too much fearmongering in our culture right now. Whether by politicians or the media, immigrants have been portrayed as the “bad guys” of society. (Oh, the horror of letting someone into our country who might do more good than harm.)

But the facts paint a very different picture.

It’s a picture that suggests we let our bias against diversity influence our stance on immigration in a negative way. These immigrants, statistically, will contribute to society.

Since when did the United States stop being the land of opportunity and start being the country that doesn’t want anyone to join us in our success?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my country. I am a proud citizen of the United States of America. If I were in a lot of other countries, I wouldn’t even be allowed to write this article. I don’t take the freedoms I am afforded lightly. But it is for that reason that I am so pro-immigration. Other people should be afforded the same freedoms I have been fortunate enough to be born into.

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And the system is broken. It is failing those seeking citizenship and villainizing those who want that citizenship.

Is coming into this country illegally OK? No. But can you really blame them for trying, considering what they’re coming from?

The look at immigration tonight on America Divided was a wake-up call that we cannot and should not ignore, especially given the election that is just weeks away.

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How and should America change the perception of immigration?

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