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Shark Tank investors went crazy for a new pet product, but is it that cool?

SiliDog pet tags entered Shark Tank tonight, and I thought at first that the company wasn’t going to get a deal. Boy, was I wrong.

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The brilliance behind the tags is that they’re made using silicone, so they are noiseless and solve the clanking collar problem. But here’s the thing: I have a dog, my friends have dogs and none of us have ever had a clanking problem to begin with. I even pooled some of them and asked for the sake of this article. No clanking. Why? Because we only have one tag, and it’s small enough that it doesn’t move around on the dog’s neck.

It honestly seems to me like an old-school problem, especially considering all the dog fashion and accessories that are now in style.

Now, if SiliDog tags had been noiseless dog tags with tracking capabilities, I would have been all over that. I am waiting for one to debut that isn’t so bulky and can track over longer distances. Right now, all the GPS dog trackers are either clunky collars or tags that don’t have long-range capabilities, and I’m convinced there’s a better way. I’m not talking about a microchip, which my dog already has implanted. I’m talking about a dog tag that would correspond to an app on my phone so I can see where my dog is at all times. It would be like Find My iPhone for your pet. They’ve got the start of this technology happening, but it hasn’t really landed all the way just yet.

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Maybe I’m just a crazy dog mom — OK, that’s definitely a given — but I love taking my dog on off-leash adventures like hiking and the dog beach. Even though he’s great at staying by my side the entire time (otherwise I wouldn’t let him off leash), I still would like a GPS tracker as a safeguard. But I haven’t found the right one yet to fit my lifestyle.

Side note: If any of you read this article and put this idea into action, I expect 20 percent equity and a free dog tag. A steal, I know. You’re welcome.

When I first saw SiliDog enter the tank, I got excited because I thought the design was going to feature tracking. No dice.

That didn’t seem to matter to the Sharks, though. They had a rocky start to the deals, but the fervor built until they sealed the deal with Lori Greiner for a sweet investment.

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Personally, I’m going to keep my traditional tag and hold out until there’s finally one with tracking capabilities that won’t take over my dog’s neck.

Do you think the SiliDog tags are useful, or is it an invention of the past?

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