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Amy Poehler’s making a show you’re going to want to watch with your mom

Two beloved comedy geniuses from two generations will be returning to the small screen soon, and we cannot freaking wait.

Comedy legend Carol Burnett will make her return to television on ABC as a star in a multicamera comedy that will be executive produced by fellow funny woman Amy Poehler.

Can you imagine the belly-cramping, tear-inducing laugh fests that we’ll be having?


The show will center around a family who gets the chance to buy an otherwise unaffordable house of their dreams on one condition: they live with the current owner until she dies. Burnett will play the owner, who is also an older actress.

Universal Television will create the series, and Poehler will executive produce under her company Paper Kite Productions, along with Brooke Posch, Dave Becky and Michael Pelmont.

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Mad Men producer Michael Saltzman will also help write the show, which was given a large pilot budget by ABC.

Known for her roles on Parks and Recreation and SNL and movies such as Mean Girls, Poehler is no stranger to the comedy game.

Poehler — like Oprah, Dede Gardner and Shonda Rhimes — is helping pave the way for women as producers in the notoriously male-dominated television and film industry. The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film determined that in 2015, programs with at least one woman executive producer and/or creator had a cast with 41 percent major female characters. This is compared to the 31 percent major female characters on programs with exclusively male producers. Not as even as we’d like, but we’ll take it for now.


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Burnett, who has enjoyed a six-decade-long career in the industry, is most famous for the numerous characters she portrayed on The Carol Burnett Show, a sketch comedy show similar in many ways to SNL that ran for over 10 years.

Most likely, if your parents were born in the ’60s or earlier like mine, they are HUGE Carol Burnett fans. My mom loved the ridiculous characters she played — especially Mrs. Wiggins.

My mom even loved how the actors would break character to laugh at their own jokes.

Most recently, Burnett attended the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards, where Poehler and Tina Fey presented her with the Life Achievement Award.

Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty

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Both women have paved the way for women in comedy, and we can’t wait to see this duo create yet another powerhouse show that will hopefully become our new favorite.

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