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Kanye West dissed Jay Z big-time, and now Beyoncé is totally pissed

During a recent tour stop on Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour, he surprised everyone when he called out longtime friend and mentor Jay Z (basically accusing him of not caring enough about Kim Kardashian West’s robbery to come around to the house).

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Obviously, West is upset after his wife’s terrifying encounter in Paris, France. You can’t help but feel for the couple, who are no doubt going through a very emotional time right now and need as much love and support from their friends as possible. But shouldn’t West have spoken to Jay Z about his issues with him in person? Apparently, Beyoncé thinks so, and according to a Hollywood Life source, she is feeling “frustrated and disappointed in Kanye for calling them out like this. They’ve been friends with Kanye for a long, long time, if he has issues with them, he can call them up and they can talk about it in private.”

Beyoncé reportedly also feels that West could be channeling his energy into something far more productive, like taking care of his wife — West is currently back on the road, and his tour has been extended (although he did take time off after Kardashian’s robbery, and subsequently canceled two shows).

“She thinks he should be home taking care of Kim, not putting his energy into this kind of childish negativity,” the source told the publication of Beyoncé’s alleged thoughts. “After all the pain and suffering the Paris robbery caused, Bey really doesn’t think the world needs them feuding.”

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Was Kanye West wrong to call out Jay Z so publicly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Beyonce & Jay Z slideshow
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