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Syrian refugees will be getting care packages from Lindsay Lohan soon

Lindsay Lohan’s yearning to help Syrian refugees, which is great. Her execution of said help? Not so much.

According to Page Six, Lohan and her new Greek nightclub, which is called Lohan, have partnered with German energy drink company Mintanine — and they plan to ship the drink to refugee camps in the near future.

“There’s hardly food, water or anything,” a source close to Lohan told Page Six. “So at this point sending anything is helpful… This is all part of Lindsay’s mission to help refugees.”

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It’s true that Lohan has been visiting refugee camps as of late, as evidenced by her Instagram feed.

“I met a wonderful aid worker (Azize) at The Refugee Camp in Antep. She saw that my eyes lit up when I told her that her headscarf is beautiful,” Lohan wrote in an Instagram caption. “She waved to me and said, come with me, I followed her and she gifted it to me. I was so moved and touched by this that I wanted to wear it in appreciation for all of the generosity and love I received from everyone at the camp. Thank you #Gaziantep.”

It’s great that she’s trying to do good, but we can’t help but wonder why she isn’t sending care packages with food and water. Hate to say it, but it almost feels like she’s using the refugee PR to get some more attention for her club.

On a related note, Lohan partnering with an energy drink and opening her own nightclub seems like a questionable choice for her considering it’s no secret that she’s battled to stay sober in the past.

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Even so, Lohan hasn’t been shy about posting photos upon photos of the partying going down at club Lohan.

Hopefully her new ventures work out well in the end for everybody, refugees included.

What do you think of Lohan’s plan to send energy drinks to Syrian refugees?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Lindsay Lohan slideshow

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