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The women of SNL are killing it this season, and these sketches prove it

We’re only three episodes into Season 42 of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, but it’s already clear that the women of SNL are bringing it this season.

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Yes, we all knew Kate McKinnon was great at impressions and that Cecily Strong can pretty much play anything, but whether it’s election coverage or digital shorts, the female cast members of SNL have proven they’re the ones to tune in for. Even with Alec Baldwin making headlines for being this season’s Donald Trump, the women of SNL, particularly McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, have succeeded in overshadowing him episode after episode. So, what’s their secret? Well, McKinnon, Strong, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata and newcomer Melissa Villaseñor are, first and foremost, talented comedic performers, but their appeal goes beyond just a talent for comedy.

There’s something special about seeing a group of smart, funny ladies together that makes SNL better. It’s true that each performer has their solo moments, but all in all, I think it’s fair to say that the women of SNL deliver the best sketches when they are together, like in last weekend’s standout Beyoncé parody “Melaniade.” Bottom line: Together or apart, the women of SNL dominate week after week. Need proof? Here are the five best SNL sketches of the season featuring female performers.

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1. “Melaniade”

Of course, this Beyoncé Lemonade parody is a must watch. Not only is it a fantastically faithful parody of “Sorry,” it’s also a wonderful way of doing a political skit in a creative way.

2. “A Day Off”

McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway is superb in this digital short and somehow she manages to find some empathy for Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

3. “Mr. Robot”

I love Leslie Jones, and that love only grew when she overcame online bullies and returned to Twitter despite criminals hacking into her personal files and posting nude photos on her official website. But Jones didn’t just refuse to let the trolls keep her offline. She made fun of the entire hack on SNL in this Mr. Robot parody! Talk about rising above it.

4. “Crucible Cast Party”

Crucible Cast Party” was the first Saturday Night Live music video of the season, and boy was it good. Even though the highlight was, obviously, a braces-wearing Lin-Manuel Miranda, the hilariously awkward performances from Bayer, Bryant and McKinnon make it 100 percent gold.

5. “Chonk”

“Chonk” might be Saturday Night Live‘s best parody commercial in years. A brutal take on how the fashion industry tries to empower women while also knocking them down a peg, “Chonk” imagines a store that caters to all sizes and “unique” body types… CHONK. The men’s store, of course, is just called “Normal Clothes.” It’s a smart, accurate and relatable sketch for any woman made greater by the women of SNL we all love.

6. “A Girl’s Halloween”

Episode 4 not only brought us David S. Pumpkins — a skit that instantly became an SNL classic — but it also delivered on the most accurate depiction of nearly every woman’s Halloween night out. From getting ready and setting false expectations for the night, to drunkenly trying to get home, pretty sure it’s safe to say we can all relate to this. Bravo, ladies.

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You might have noticed I chose not to include the debate sketches even though, yes, McKinnon’s Clinton is perfection. There’s a lot more to the women of SNL than just political sketches. And with the election (mercifully) coming to an end, we might be seeing less of McKinnon’s wonderful Hillary Clinton. But thanks to these sketches, we know there’s plenty more for her and the other women of SNL to do.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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