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A Growing Pains reboot starring Kirk Cameron could be a very real thing

You listening, Netflix?

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It’s no secret that die-hard fans of Growing Pains would love to see a reboot. And hey, what better time than the present? Reboots of classic TV shows are thriving — Fuller House, anyone?

But what do the show’s stars think about returning to the small screen to reprise their old roles? At least one of them is onboard, and he wants to bring his family along with him.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron reveals that his youngest son, 13-year-old James, is starting to show an interest in acting.

He has that twinkle in his eye,” Cameron said, adding that he already has the perfect role picked out for James. “It would be awesome if we could be in a reboot of Growing Pains together. He could play Mike’s son. What would we call it — Still Growing?”

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Cameron starred as Mike Seaver on the show for seven seasons. But even though he’s on board with the idea of a reboot, his former co-stars might be more difficult to convince.

For years, there’s been talk of rebooting Growing Pains. And for years, Alan Thicke, who was iconic as Mike Seaver’s dad on the show, has been skeptical about doing a remake.

“They’ll trot us out on Good Morning America or the Today show for a nostalgic appearance once in a while,” he said in a 2015 interview. “But I like to see that show in the time capsule, where it is in reruns, viewed nostalgically and appreciated for the time that it represents. I’m always a little wary of reboots and possibly screwing it up. I think it belongs where it is.”

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