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Chelsea Handler gloriously massacred Trump during the final presidential debate

The final presidential debate aired last night and as to be expected, not many of Hollywood’s elite were impressed — well, with Trump that is.

The 2016 presidential election — which has been referred to more as a “mudslinging” competition than an election — hasn’t been a positive experience for most. At the very least, though (I always like to find a positive takeaway), we’ve all gotten our finger exercise raging our thoughts across social media — including celebrities.

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Chelsea Handler, a Democrat and Clinton supporter, won Twitter during the final debate with her serious jabs at GOP nominee Donald Trump.

And my personal favorite…

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Handler wasn’t the only star gloriously Trumping Drumpf (to quote John Oliver) last night, though. Famous men and women came out in droves to balk at the spectacle.

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While many are still uneasy with the current state of our presidential election, I’m honestly just glad it’s over. Let’s just vote Clinton into office already and watch Trump totally combust — and then try to start his own political party, which will undoubtedly be named after him. It’s going to happen, mark my words.

What were your thoughts on the last presidential debate? Let us know in the comments below!

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