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I refuse to say I’m disappointed with AHS: Roanoke‘s big twist

The promised Episode 6 of AHS: Roanoke definitely flipped the tables, but I still have a huge problem with this season: All of these characters are really, really stupid.

Spoiler alert: Do not continue reading unless you want all the terrifying dirt about AHS: Roanoke Episode 6.

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Why in the world would these characters agree to hang out in this house after everything that happened there? Money? Ignorance? All of the above?

We’re told in the episode that by the end of filming (aka, presumably the end of Season 6) everyone except one person will be dead. Why wouldn’t everyone book it out of that house after the first death? There’s no way it’s a mass slaughter. OK, I mean, maybe, but then there would really only need to be one more episode in the season.

I think we can logically assume they stay despite all reason to run. Just like Shelby and Matt wouldn’t abandon ship until it was way too late, the new residents of the Roanoke nightmare house are just as dumb.

I’m ready for someone to look around the room and ask, in all seriousness, “Why the hell am I still here?”

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I’m obsessed with American Horror Story as a franchise, so I refuse to say this season so far has been kind of a letdown. I have such faith in creator Ryan Murphy that I cling to the hope that it will all come full circle. His characters are always so well-thought-out that I can’t imagine this season won’t pan out to be the same.

Unfortunately, at this point, I’m skeptical.

OK, so Hotel can reign supreme as my favorite season with Asylum as a close second. Luckily, the show has been renewed for a Season 7, so Murphy still has a chance to top his work next year.

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As for AHS: Roanoke, I will absolutely keep watching until the season finale. I’m just not sure this season will blow me away in the same way Hotel did.

Do you think AHS: Roanoke lives up to American Horror Story seasons past?

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