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How Michaela Bradshaw became Survivor‘s unexpected hero

Everybody, drop your buffs.

Those words from Jeff Probst always strike a wide range of emotions. It was no different on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X when both groups learned their generational divisions were being dissolved and expanded into a trio of tribes. Exciting, right? Not so fast. Anybody who ended up on the new green (Ikabula) tribe would go to an all-new beach and have to start over totally fresh. That meant building a new shelter and sparking a new fire.

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Millennials tribe ready for Survivor swap
Image: CBS

Naturally, nobody liked the idea of being forced to start over — especially Michaela. As luck would have it, she was one of six people to draw a green buff. She angrily threw it on the sand with a sharp glare burning from her eyes that could cut through concrete.

She openly told Probst how disappointed she was before later admitting she “wanted to flick him off right there, but [she] didn’t.”

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Instead of stumbling on the new hurdle she faced at the new Ikabula beach, Michaela was triumphant. She even moved herself to tears after successfully starting her tribe’s campfire when the men failed at the same task. She truly was amazing, and I have grown to appreciate everything about Michaela. I hope she goes far.

In their first Immunity Challenge, Michaela was the primary reason Ikabula finished in first place. Her personality definitely became the bright-shining light this season has needed, and fans have taken notice.

Original loyalties die

The battle of Millennials versus Gen-X-ers quickly vanished on Vanua (orange) as they faced their first elimination as a new tribe. It was refreshing to see each side was willing to mesh with the other instead of creating a voting block based on the Gen-X numbers advantage. Chris and David joined forces with Michelle and Zeke to oust CeCe.

It was an underwhelming finish to a fun episode.

Ciandre Taylor of Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X
Image: CBS

Other musings

  • David found his second hidden Immunity Idol just one day after he shockingly used it to spare Jessica from elimination.
  • Jessica told Ken about her “Legacy Advantage” and said she would have given it to him had she been eliminated. Although Ken said this restored his trust in her, I think it may bite Jessica in the butt. Now that he knows she’s willing to give up her advantage to him after she gets voted off, he now has an incentive to get her out of the game.
  • Taylor’s head doesn’t seem like it’s in the game at all. Instead, week after week, we’ve had to listen to him gush his love for Figgy, a woman he has known for a few days. Seriously, dude. Give it up, and please do something to play the game. This isn’t Temptation Island. At least she tried to hide their romantic bond a bit after the tribal shake-up despite his constant “you’re hot” whispers.
  • Zeke and Chris formed an unlikely bond based on their Oklahoma roots, which could be the start of a strong alliance that goes deep into the game. Zeke was in awe that Chris played for the championship Sooners, which was a big part of his childhood.

What’s your take on the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Survivor winners slideshow
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