Tom Hanks isn’t the only one who almost died on the Inferno set

Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones have been hard at work filming Inferno so fans can finally get their next Robert Langdon fix, and it turns out that the actors might have actually faced more danger than the famous Dan Brown character himself – watch what they have to say in the video below!

Hanks and Jones chatted with SheKnows about the various hijinks and injuries that went down on set — and pretty much no one escaped unscathed. In fact, Hanks says he got plumb knocked out while shooting a scene that didn’t even make it past the cutting room floor.

“I get beat up a lot. Even Ron [Howard] cut out a conk on the head that knocked me out,” Hanks told us of a particularly nasty scene that director Ron Howard cut from the film. “We came back for three days of shooting in order to grab some stuff, and I said, ‘What happened to the conk in the head I got in the reservoir?’ He said, ‘Uh, nah that didn’t quite work, we’re not doing the conk on the head anymore.’ I said, ‘Well, thanks, that could have saved a day of pain.’”

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Jones was also once the cause of Hanks’ pain — she drove him into a wall while filming a car chase scene.

It was my first time driving an A-list movie star and nearly killing him,” she explained to Jimmy Kimmel. “So then we were coming out, and there’s quite a sharp corner, and the Italian streets are pretty tiny. And for some reason my character had the most enormous car they could find. So just as I was very coolly trying to turn this corner and I was staying in line as I was turning it, I basically bashed the entire side of the car with Tom into the wall. It was nearly sort of game over. But luckily he’s very cool.”

And Hanks wasn’t the only one knocked around. He and Jones say Omar Sy, who portrays Christoph Bruder in the movie, also took one for the team during production. Sy got a little tangled up with a steady-cam guy and ended up taking a tumble.

“Poor Omar fell in the water in his first day of filming,” Jones revealed.

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“I’m telling you, this is the first shot, we’re in Venice and I’m going to be dragged out of some dank hallway somewhere,” Hanks added. “And up ahead I see on the water Omar just got knocked into the canals of Venice somehow. He was wearing dark pants so you couldn’t tell that he was wet.”

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The graceful Jones was not immune to the Inferno, either. She was pushed to exhaustion from running her butt off in incredible temperatures… wearing heels.

“Cobblestones, cobblestones are a bitch,” Hanks said of Jones’ filming experience. “You know, you have to run across cobblestones, that always hurts.”

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