Nick and Sonia try to save their relationship on Married at First Sight

Well, Nick and Sonia have not moved back in together, but they will be spending more time together as the two embark on a mini vacation before the final decision to stay together or get a divorce.Nick is hoping the vacation helps them to move past the issues.Dr. Pepper Schwartz says “the stakes are high for them.”The two go to South Beach for a quick getaway and they go on a bike ride together.While activities might help the couple become connected in friendship, I wonder if it will build the connection needed for a long-lasting marriage to begin. Rachel DeAlto emphasizes that Sonia needs to feel “emotionally safe” in order to move in with Nick again, but that Sonia needs to give him an honest chance. Nick says that he wants to make Sonia feel comfortable sharing space. Sonia says she is focusing on being “present.” By the end of the episode, she does not move back in.She does, however, put on her wedding ring.

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The reality is, it is too little time to have to make such a decision, and the time frame is one of my biggest concerns about the show. Nick simply hasn’t had time enough to show that he understands that he made a mistake in his previously hurtful words or to fix the underlying issue that made him speak so poorly to her. Nick doesn’t just need to create a connection with her, he has to work on himself.The show seems to believe that if they work together to maintain a strong marriage, that the work will equal success.I have always found fault with this concept.

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A a strong marriage takes effort and time, yes.But, when someone’s words are so hurtful and mean-spirited, the individual has to self-reflect and figure out why that occurred and how that can never occur again. Sonia makes a great effort to try and move forward and spend time with Nick.I give her a lot of credit for continuing the experiment after these problems showed up.I see her attempting to create a positive experience for both of them.Even when Nick was asked if he would do the experiment over again, he never actually said he would do it again because of her.He said he enjoyed the new experiences. It is not Sonia who needs to change, it’s Nick.

Next week it’s decision time, and we’ll all see if they choose to stay married or end the relationship.

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