John Stamos is speaking up about Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne's relationship

Oct 19, 2016 at 10:47 a.m. ET
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Earlier this year, it looked as though Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's three decades of marriage was grinding to a halt after his four-year affair with Michelle Pugh was revealed. But two months ago, something pretty incredible happened: The couple decided to give their love another shot.

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Since then, Sharon and Ozzy have proven that they're still very much in love, and Ozzy is willing to put in the work to ensure that his wife feels loved and appreciated (his adorable surprise appearance on The Talk for her birthday is a great example). While we're glad the couple sorted out their differences, and we're sure many fans feel the same way, there's one person who is really thrilled that the Osbournes remain an item: John Stamos.


On Tuesday, Stamos made an appearance on The Talk, and instead of speaking about himself, he shifted the focus to Sharon, asking her, "How's it going with you and Ozzy, by the way?"

The dialogue that followed was pretty sweet, with Sharon revealing that things were fine and while she remained pretty vague on the details of her marriage, she seemed to confirm that they were indeed back together. This is when Stamos got really happy (and planted a few kisses on Sharon's cheek), telling her that he views their marriage as "inspirational."


"I just love you guys as a couple," he said. "I love you guys as a couple and I'm so happy that you worked it out. Because when you have real love like that, you can power through and make it work. You're very inspirational."


Not that we needed any more reasons to like Stamos, but this certainly helped. His kind-hearted words no doubt left Sharon feeling a little happier and provided her with the comfort of knowing that a lot of people are rooting for her and her relationship, especially due to the sacrifices she has made to be with Ozzy (as well as her willingness to forgive).

Stamos just has a way about him that makes him so incredibly charming and genuine, and his nice-guy demeanor has undoubtedly left a lot of people impressed.

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We think John Stamos is basically the nicest guy in Hollywood. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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