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The Voice is so much better with Miley Cyrus’ and Alicia Keys’ girl power

This might not be the last we see of Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus together, and no, I’m not talking about their future on the recently renewed The Voice. In the very near future, these talented ladies just might launch their own tour!

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Keys is universally loved on The Voice, while Cyrus is… a little more controversial. But each of these ladies brings something valuable to the show, and clearly, they get along famously. They frequently joke around together or comment on singers they like. They also bounce ideas around together, as evidenced during a brief clip from tonight’s episode.

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Keys offered up a wonderful suggestion: She and Cyrus could start a label together. Cyrus countered with another excellent idea: Team Miley and Team Alicia could go on tour together!

Miley Cyrus
Image: NBC

Cyrus’ suggestion is brilliant, and proof that she deserves more credit than her detractors are willing to give. The contestants from The Voice are notoriously under-promoted to the point that victory is no guarantee of even a moderately successful career. A Team Miley and Team Alicia tour could provide the exposure these talented artists need. And a label would be even better. Why not let these talented contestants get their names out under the guidance of two of the show’s finest coaches?

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This was just a small moment on a show full of amazing music, but moments like this remind me why the chemistry this season is so good. Before, the one gal featured on every season was forced to roll her eyes and joke about the wayward boys — Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in particular. This season, however, the ladies have plenty of friendly interactions, many of which rival Shelton and Levine’s finest bromance moments.

Miley Cyrus
Image: NBC

I’m not sure if Cyrus’ and Keys’ tour and label ideas were just idle chatter or a real possibility, but I hope they have actually put some thought into these plans. I love the girl power they bring to the show, and I would love to see it extend beyond the television screen and into the tour circuit. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy their offhand remarks and their growing friendship on The Voice.

Would you like to see Team Miley and Team Alicia on tour together? Share your comments with us below.

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