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Mary J. Blige’s soon-to-be ex’s spousal support demands are next-level crazy

If you thought John Cena making Nikki Bella sign a 75-page document just to move in with him was cray, wait until you get a load of Mary J. Blige’s estranged husband’s spousal support demands.

Blige may have drawn up an ironclad prenup before marrying Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, but that isn’t stopping Isaacs from filing court documents asking for — pardon my French — a shit ton of Blige’s money. According to papers filed on Monday obtained by the Daily Mail, Isaacs is seeking $129,000 in monthly spousal support, and wants Blige to pay for his personal trainer, personal chef and $1,000 in new clothing a month.

Not only that, Isaacs allegedly believes Blige should be held responsible for the $5,000 a month in child support he pays for his kids from a previous relationship.

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Isaacs is justifying his demands with the fact that Blige has fired him from being her manager, leaving him without a source of income.

On a related note, Isaacs’ checking and bank accounts are reportedly overdrawn in the amount of $13,104. Not even really sure how that happens, considering we’ve heard of debit cards getting declined for being $30 short on a purchase.

Oh, and did we mention that Blige had already given him $35,000 in August, $50,000 in September and $25,000 for his legal counsel? According to the Mail, Isaacs says he has already spent the funds given to him, and is even using Blige’s generosity against her — he says the fact she’s gifted him cash is a sign even she believes their prenup is unfair.

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Isaacs may be attempting to stick it to Blige, but she’s probably too busy to be sweating it. She’s currently working her butt off on her King + Queen of Hearts World Tour.

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