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Tyra Banks still seems deeply affected by her feud with Naomi Campbell

Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell may have ended their years-long feud, but that doesn’t mean everyone is over it.

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In a new interview on the Norwegian-Swedish show Skavlan, Banks dished on Campbell’s past actions and the serious effects they had on her as a young model.

I don’t want to go too deep into the past, but it was very difficult — very, very. Some of the lowest times of my life. I’m dealing with that,” Banks said, explaining that Campbell treated her poorly because so many people in the modeling industry said that Banks, also a black model, was coming to take Campbell’s place. “I don’t condone her actions and her response, but I understand where it comes from because the world is saying, ‘You’re not gonna have your spot; we’re gonna take your money, we’re gonna take your fame. Go sit down; there’s somebody else.'”

Banks continued, “You know, so that’s pretty serious. She reacted strongly, but I kind of understand where that was coming from inside of her.”

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Despite Banks’ harsh words now recalling those memories, she and Campbell did work to put their feud behind them. Years after both of their modeling careers ended, Campbell actually appeared on Banks’ talk show and apologized to her during a commercial break.

And, oh my God, I just cried like a baby,” Banks said about the day Campbell apologized. “To hear that after so many years of pain and dealing with it publically… me having to leave agencies because of her… to hear that apology meant the world to me. She has no idea what that did for me.”

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