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Miley Cyrus just made The Voice‘s most memorable steal yet


Miley Cyrus was brought on The Voice to shake things up, and so far, she has definitely delivered. From her unusual outfits to her unexpected song choices, she offers a refreshing break from the usual. Anybody this different is going to attract a lot of criticism, of course (especially given all the controversy that surrounded her a few years ago), but I personally think it was smart of the powers that be at The Voice to take a risk.

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Tonight, Cyrus attracted attention yet again, and not just with her eye-catching attire. She made a great steal, plucking Josh Halverson from Team Alicia after Alicia Keys chose Kylie Rothfield. Keys was absolutely devastated by this difficult decision, but also very, very happy when Cyrus immediately stole Halverson. After all, he deserves to continue on in the competition.

Miley Cyrus
Image: NBC

Cyrus wasted no time and snagged Halverson the second she was informed that he was available for the steal. Cyrus told Halverson that she was all about diversity, and that she really wanted somebody unique on her team.

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Cyrus’ steal was smart and it was very, very fast, but ultimately, neither of these things caused the bulk of the buzz on social media. Twitter users weren’t particularly concerned about who Cyrus stole, but rather, how she did it. In an unprecedented, yet Cyrus-appropriate move, she used her tongue to press the button and make the steal. Wow!

I personally am all for Cyrus’ wackiness. Yes, it sometimes seems contrived, but after so many seasons of the same old Blake Shelton and Adam Levine bromance, I’m ready for something new. Also, I’m relieved that Halverson gets to stick around. Cyrus can press the steal button with her pinky toe for all I care — as long as she steals the right person, I’m happy.

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What did you think of Miley Cyrus’ unusual steal on The Voice? Funny — or tacky? Are you glad she saved Josh Halverson? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: NBC

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