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NBC may have actually destroyed Donald Trump’s campaign on purpose

Did NBC actually plan to cause Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to crash and burn?

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Sources are telling Page Six that some top-level execs at NBC planned to leak the infamous Access Hollywood “grab ’em by the pussy” tape to the Washington Post in a deliberate attempt to influence the election.

Trump was leading in the polls, so the tape was leaked to derail his bid,” an NBC insider reportedly told Page Six. “NBC handed over the scoop of the year to WaPo, just to help Hillary.”

It’s been rumored that Access Hollywood was actually planning to air the tape ahead of the Oct. 9 presidential debate, but then people there started to reconsider that idea. Before they could make up their minds, the tape ended up anonymously in the hands of The Washington Post.

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While the tape was certainly newsworthy — it showed concrete proof that Trump brags about and makes light of actual sexual assault — news organizations typically don’t release information with the goal of hurting a candidate in mind. Plus, there’s the ethical gray area the tape was in — in some states, it would be illegal to release a tape if Trump didn’t know he was being recorded at the time. Leaking the tape to the Washington Post takes care of that legality.

Page Six also reports that there’s no investigation happening at NBC to look into how the tape got leaked, which really does seem like more proof that people at the top knew about the leak — and condoned it.

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Do you think NBC released the Trump tape just to hurt his presidential campaign?

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