If Regina dies on OUAT, there's going to be a serious price to pay

Oct 16, 2016 at 9:36 p.m. ET
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Ever since Regina separated her evil half (the Evil Queen) from herself at the end of Season 5, Once Upon a Time fans have been wondering how the heck you actually kill the evil half. Well, that question seems to have been answered during tonight's episode, and it's something viewers definitely didn't want to hear.

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Apparently, the way to get rid of someone's evil half is to kill the original. That's right: In order for the Evil Queen to die, Regina must die, too. Obviously, there could be another way to kill her, but right now this is the only known way to get the job done. First Emma and now Regina? What is OUAT trying to do to its fans? Teasing the deaths of these two leading ladies isn't funny at all.

How did they figure this out? Oh, by Jekyll dying, which then resulted in the death of Hyde. Tonight's episode also flashed back to Jekyll and Hyde's past. Not only did viewers see the first time Jekyll ingested his serum to turn himself into Hyde, but we also learned that Hyde wasn't always the villain. Actually, Jekyll wasn't that great of a guy himself. I mean, he was responsible for arguing with a woman named Mary (who both Jekyll and Hyde loved) before she fell out of a window to her death.

Furthermore, in Storybrooke, Jekyll wanted to get revenge on Rumple for Mary's death. Back in the day, Rumple showed up as the Dark One and persuaded Jekyll to take the serum to turn into Hyde, and then chaos followed, which is why Jekyll hated Rumple. To get his revenge, Jekyll boarded the Jolly Roger and tried to kill Belle. His plan didn't work, thanks to Hook coming to save the day and Jekyll then dying.


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After watching both Jekyll and Hyde die, Rumple told Regina that, unfortunately, it looks like if she wants the Evil Queen to die, she is going to have to die as well. Seriously? I'm going to choose to believe there's another way for all this to go down. But if not, and Regina ends up dying, there's going to be hell to pay.

First of all, Regina out of everyone deserves a happy ending, and this sure doesn't sound like one. Plus, she is one of the best characters, and it's hard to imagine OUAT without her. I'm not sure the series could or would last without both Regina and Lana Parrilla.

On top of worrying if she really has to die in order to get rid of the Evil Queen once and for all, Regina is also scared that she'll turn evil again. Based on Jekyll (who was supposedly the good guy and got rid of his darkness), she now realizes that just because you get rid of your evil half, it doesn't necessarily mean the darkness is gone permanently. There is the capacity for evil to remain and grow back, but Emma assured Regina that she is stronger than Jekyll — though, in case she isn't, Regina made Emma promise to kill her if she ever returns to the dark side.

Does it really surprise anyone that Regina's fate looks grim and that there is a chance her happy ending will be ripped away from her again? Yeah, me either. Let's just keep those fingers crossed that they figure out another way to kill the Evil Queen, because Regina seriously deserves better.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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