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The Shark Tank Sharks don’t need to force the drama

Trust me, I can appreciate a good Kevin O’Leary jab on Shark Tank every once in a while. That poem jab two weeks ago was hilarious!

But I much prefer when the sharks are candidly witty together. The banter is so much more real, rather than forced comments aimed at taking punches at one another.

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Tonight’s episode was a perfect example.

Lori Greiner made a simple observation: “Chocolate smells good.”

“Thank you,” Daymond John responded without a second thought.

I love it!

It was a perfect, unscripted moment that happened so naturally and caught me so off guard that it was fantastic. And I wasn’t alone in my opinion.

The Sharks are naturally clever, clearly. They’re successful for a reason. They all have an easy wit, but sometimes it feels like the show forces it a bit too much. There’s no need.

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Moments like we saw tonight between Greiner and John are proof enough that the Sharks have a great, natural repertoire together.

Disagreements on the show are bound to happen, especially with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, but despite the disagreements, the Sharks still clearly have a mutual respect for one another.

“Spending that kind of time with the other Sharks make me want to drink,” Robert Herjavec recently told SheKnows with a laugh when asked how he prepared for each new season of Shark Tank. He added, “It starts with a lot of vodka.”

And though Herjavec was clearly joking, I think it’s important to remember that not all reality TV has to start and end with conflict and drama.

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Do you think Shark Tank should encourage the Sharks to get along more often, or do you like the fighting?

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