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HTGAWM & other shows are still getting censored for same-sex relationships

Censorship, folks. It’s alive and well, right here in 2016.

Case in point: Italy and the Philippines majorly censored How to Get Away with Murder‘s Coliver in a recent episode for their same-sex kiss. It was a heartfelt breakup scene between Oliver and Connor, and was in no way, shape or form inappropriate.

Take a watch.

The censorship especially hit home hard for Conrad Ricamora, the actor who portrays Oliver, being that he is an out and proud Filipino actor.

This is hardly the only instance of recent censorship of a same-sex kiss — it still happens quite a bit, and in most cases, we’re not talking anything gratuitous. No, normal kisses you would see on any kid-safe show (if the couple engaging in the kiss were opposite-sex) are deleted from television shows all of the time. Most of the censorship takes place in overseas markets, but sadly, some of it is going down right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

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Here are some other examples of the downright ridiculous censorship.

Greece censors Downton Abbey

After viewers took to Twitter to protest the censorship, Greek network NET defended its decision to remove a tender moment between Downton Abbey‘s Thomas and a visiting duke in a 2012 episode.

“The love affair between the two men… was not censored,” said Costas Spyropoulos, managing director of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, via Reuters. “The kiss was not shown because of the time the program was broadcast and the corresponding parental guidance warnings.”

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Cartoon Network censors innocent kiss on Clarence

Instead of celebrating what would have been the network’s first same-sex kiss, the Cartoon Network went and deleted it from a 2014 episode of Clarence titled “Neighborhood Grill.” The above clip is the censored version, but a writer for the show named Spencer Rothbell confirmed on Twitter that the moment was intended to include a kiss on the mouth.

The U.K. censors lesbian kiss in Steven Universe

When the United Kingdom censored a lesbian kiss from a 2016 episode of the Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, angry fans created a petition to fight the decision.

“Cartoon Network UK is taking much-needed role models away from vulnerable kids,” the petition reads. “‘Steven Universe’ is a beloved series acclaimed for its groundbreaking portrayal of queer characters. I’ve heard many young people say it changed their lives.”

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