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Corey Feldman’s second Today appearance was a huge ‘eff you’ to his haters

Corey Feldman is making a brave stand against all his haters.

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After he performed on the Today show last month with his band, Corey’s Angels, Feldman became the subject of an absolute avalanche of online hate. The performance was instantly viral, and as harsh criticism poured in over what can only be described as Feldman’s weird aesthetic, the disheartened star started to speak out against online bullying.

In a now-deleted Facebook video, Feldman claimed anonymous Twitter users had told him to kill himself over his performance. He broke down as he admitted that at some points in his life, the hate he was receiving might have made him do just that.

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Now, Feldman is standing up for himself and other victims of online abuse. On Thursday, he returned to Today to perform another song and spread his message about stopping online bullying.

Feldman explained how he came to terms with all the hate he received for his last performance after a friend explained to him that some of music’s greats, like Kiss and Eminem, weren’t well-received at first.

“That really turned it around for me,” he said. “I’m like, you know, you’re right: A lot of people get hate in the beginning.”

And Feldman’s second performance definitely went over a lot better. While there were haters here and there, for the most part, Twitter was flooded with support for Feldman.

Good for Feldman for continuing to chase his dream, even in the face of so much hate. Watch his second performance below.

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